How Safe are your “New” Tires?

March 5th, 2018 by

How Safe are your “New” Tires?

When purchasing new tires, it’s extremely important to be aware of their date of manufacture. A safe tire is more than tread depth. A tire that has never been used but is several years old can look perfectly safe, but it is not. The rubber compounds in tires deteriorate over time. This deterioration occurs whether the tire lays unused on a tire rack, or hits the road every day. Think of any pliable rubber, such as a rubber band. If it sits around enough, even unused, it eventually dries out and its strength and elasticity become compromised.

But you can play it safe by checking the tire’s age before you purchase. It’s simple: for tires manufactured 2000 to present, you can easily locate the manufacture date by checking the last 4 digits of the DOT code. In this example below, the tire was manufactured on the 26th week of 2013.

How Safe are your "New" Tires?

It’s extremely important to check this date because you don’t want to end up with “new” tire that was manufactured years ago. Also, be sure to perform due diligence when researching where to purchase your tires. Some discount retailers may provide lower pricing, but if the tire is 2 or 3 years old, how much are you really saving in the long run? A tire that old is at the end of it’s useful (safe) life.

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