Keenan Motors Annual Doylestown Food Drive

January 8th, 2020 by

Keenan Motors Annual Doylestown Food Drive

Keenan Motors Annual Doylestown Food Drive

People in need are all around us in the Doylestown, PA community. People we know, people we see every day. Perhaps it’s your neighbor who’s unemployment benefits have run out, or that elderly couple down the street who are having difficulty managing on a fixed income, or maybe even a two income family you know that just went down one income due to a layoff, illness or some other unforeseen predicament. Also, the holidays are now over, and the local Doylestown, PA food pantries supplies are down significantly.

But there is some good news. You can do a lot to help, and it couldn’t be easier. Keenan Motors in Doylestown, PA is collecting non-perishable food items and personal care items in our Mercedes-Benz showroom starting right now during our annual food drive, benefiting the Doylestown, PA Community Food Pantry.

Help us make a significant difference to local Doylestown, PA families in need. Just bring your donation(s) into our showroom and drop them off in the collection bin (look for the red and white checkers!). Last year’s response to our food drive was amazing – please help us do it again! We are collecting through March 31st.

Here’s a quick rundown of needed items:

What is always needed: Fruit, tuna, spaghetti sauce, sugar, gravy, chunky soups, rice, coffee, microwave meals, powdered milk, cereal and salad dressing.

The kids love:
 Spaghettios, fruit cups, applesauce, peanut butter, raviolis, grape jelly, fruit roll-ups, and baby food.

Additional non-food items needed:
 Laundry detergent, toothpaste, tooth brushes, toilet paper, shampoo and other personal care items also make for a great donation!

Please note that the above items are just a few suggestions. Anything  that you serve and enjoy at your home would be greatly appreciated!

The Doylestown, PA food pantry serves approximately 400 households a month and has 6 Supportive Housing Shelter apartments on site. Bucks County Housing Group, as a whole, operates 5 shelters and 3 pantries country-wide.

Please help us make this year’s food drive a big success – your generosity can make a huge difference to local Doylestown, PA families in need! Thank you for your support.