Mercedes-Benz COMAND® Navigation System – Map Features

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Mercedes-Benz COMAND® Navigation System – Map Features

Need help with your Mercedes-Benz COMAND® Navigation System map features? Here’s a “how-to” video and overview on how to get the most out the navigation map features on your Mercedes-Benz – a must have for long and/or challenging commutes and road trips!

Before we get started, if you need instructions on how to enter a destination into your Mercedes-Benz COMAND® Navigation System, please click here to watch the instructional video. 

To go right into the navigation map features, please read on:

Mercedes-Benz COMAND® maps are designed to help you get to your destination by providing clear directions, as well as plenty of advance notice for upcoming turns along the way. (Note, for better safety, please listen to the voice prompts while driving instead of looking at the map). If you need to hear a voice prompt again, simply select the “repeat” option on your navigation screen. You can also control the volume of the navigation using the audio control buttons right on your steering wheel.

Your location and direction are clearly displayed on the navigation screen with an arrow and a circle. Once you’ve chosen your destination, you’ll easily be able to see your route via a highlighted line. When your next turn approaches, you’ll be notified by the voice prompt, and on the screen as well (also, the screen will suggest the best lane for you to be in for your upcoming turn).

Another great feature of the COMAND® maps is that you can select your preferred map orientation and view by going to “navigation”, then “map settings”.  The map orientation sub-menu will allow you to choose your preferred view of the map.  You can chose to have north always up at the top of the map, or have the map rotate while you drive, so your heading is always up.

There are three different ways COMAND® can show this (each uses an orange compass to indicate north):

The first is the flat map view:

Mercedes-Benz COMAND Navigation System – Flat view

Second is a birds-eye view (which represents the curvature of the earth):

Mercedes-Benz COMAND®-Navigation System-Birds-eye view

Last but not least, a 3D map, which shows the actual lay of the land by displaying terrain and select building profiles:

Mercedes-Benz COMAND® Navigation System-3D view

You can also adjust the scale and zoom of the map by turning the knob when no other menu is present. To display route information, just select the navigation screen using the arrows on your steering wheel, this will display next turn or instruction, and tell you the optimal lane to be in as you approach it.

To see live traffic conditions in major cities, you can subscribe to Sirius XM® traffic. This makes navigating through congested routes easier by displaying slow traffic, blocked routes and other information in visually intuitive cues right on the map. For even more convenience, you can have the latest traffic reports and have them read out loud to you while you drive. Running late?  Dynamic route guidance offers alternate routes around traffic tie ups. And did you know that many of these features can even be operated by simply using your voice?

The Mercedes-Benz COMAND® Navigation System Map Features – an easier way to find your way!

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