New Keenan Motors Building Phase 1 – Demolition

March 4th, 2015 by

New Keenan Motors Building Phase 1 – Demolition

Keenan Motors Building

Before the real demolition begins, we let the Doylestown Fire Company No. 1 (Stations 19 and 79) do a little demolishing of their own. They performed a series of exercises and training at what was previously the Doylestown Lumber site. Having these sites for practice is crucial for their training and development, and we were more than happy to oblige. The old Doylestown Lumber lot will be the site for our new Keenan Motors Mercedes-Benz building.

Utilizing a site that is already slated for demolition allows the fire fighters to get real hands-on training with new tools and safety gear. For this particular training session, their mission was to get familiarized with power-saw operation and navigate through numerous physical obstacles (such as crawling through a narrow tube). Since there are several old wood barn structures at the Doylestown Lumber site, this was the perfect location for them to demonstrate what that power-saw can do! (And ultimately train  them on how to gain access to someone trapped in a burning building).

We will keep you posted as construction progresses on our new Keenan Motors Mercedes-Benz building in Doylestown, PA. Although we are feeling sentimental about moving out of our iconic building on 4311 West Swamp Road, we are excited about the amazing new Mercedes-Benz building, along with the additional services and amenities, that our customers will enjoy in the near future!