New Keenan Motors Dealership Construction Update

June 3rd, 2016 by

New Keenan Motors Dealership Construction Update

Dealership Construction Update

If you’ve driven by the Easton Road construction site lately, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of changes and progress has been made toward the completion of our new Keenan Motors Mercedes-Benz dealership. Much has happened since our last update earlier this spring! All of the walls are up, the roofing has been completed, and most of the interior piping for the shop has been run. (We’re actually in the process of installing the fresh and waste oil piping system for the shop at the moment). We’re also installing the below-ground drainage system and inlet grates, which will serve as the solution for storm water management.
Dealership Construction UpdateThe interior action is just as exciting; studding for the walls in the office area have begun, all of the concrete for the flooring has been poured, and tiling for the shop and showroom will begin shortly. The complex process of wiring for the electrical/phone/I.T. systems is currently under way, and the HVAC units and (most of) the associated duct work has been installed as well. Our Keenan Motors Service shop is coming together beautifully; the in-ground portion of the shop lifts have been installed, and the car-wash equipment is due to arrive later this month.

Not only will our new Keenan Motors dealership offer all of the luxury, service and amenities you would expect from the Mercedes-Benz brand, it is being developed with the well-being of our local Bucks County environment in mind. For example, we’ve designed the building to collect rain water on the roof that will be repurposed for our car wash. From there, we’ll cleanse the water, then store and recycle it through the car wash. An impressive 85% of the water for our car wash will be recycled; this means significantly less waste, less consumption, and less strain on our region’s waste management treatment system.

We’ll continue to post periodic updates on our new Keenan Motors Mercedes-Benz dealership in Doylestown, PA. Stay tuned!