State-Of-The-Art Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Doylestown

August 5th, 2016 by

New Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Doylestown Update

State-Of-The-Art Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Doylestown

August is here and with it are the final construction stages of the new Keenan Motors Mercedes-Benz Dealership! By combining exposed beams, glass finishes, and a chicly curved stature, the building is evolving into a modern, luxury establishment. Needless to say, the new dealership’s design has acquired inspiration from one of its greatest future accessories: Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Before the vehicles officially move into their new home, a few more interior construction projects will be performed. Further glass installations will be made to polish off the current glass finishes. The drywall work—which has significantly developed since the July 12 update—will conclude. All of the floor tiling will be laid out, with tens of thousands of tiles already in place. Plus, custom designed furnishings will be crafted and implemented.

Projects that extend outside of the building will also be fully accomplished. The sanitary sewer line has been fully connected. With the remaining lumberyard building scheduled for demolition this week, all on-site lumberyard buildings will be removed. The parking lot’s Belgian block borders will be completed. Two infiltration basins will be arranged to collect water. Likewise, two detention basins will be installed to control excess stormwater. These basins will regulate water-flow, and as a result, prevent flooding.

Similarly, the advanced automatic car wash will collect and regulate water—collect and regulate water to be directly recycled, that is. As mentioned in the former construction update, the water employed by the wash will be rainwater from the building’s roof. 85% of the water used by the wash will be recycled and reused by the wash. Not only will this minimize the strain experienced by the region’s waste management treatment system, but, extend compassion and action towards addressing water accessibility limitations. Hence, the Keenan Motors’ advanced automatic car wash will serve as a symbol of the dealership’s forward-thinking.

It is this forward-thinking—this encompassing motivation to achieve progress—that will truly act as the foundation of the new Keenan Motors Mercedes-Benz dealership. The walls are built and framed… The roofing is in place… The concrete floor is poured… The framework is here. Come this Fall, the innovative spirit that radiates from its contemporary architecture will make the new Keenan Motors Mercedes-Benz building the building for our state-of-the-art vehicles and our state-of-the-art customers.