What is Car-to-X Communication?

June 6th, 2016 by

Car-to-X Communication

What is Car-to-X Communication?

Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to being first. As the first motor vehicle manufacturer in the world, Mercedes-Benz has something completely innovative and game-changing just around the corner—Car-to-X communication. Take a ride with the star-marked pioneer and see exactly what’s around the corner… literally.

Car-to-X communication allows drivers to see what’s around the bend. It even let’s them see what’s around the bend after that bend. By alerting drivers of potentially hazardous situations, drivers can avoid potential instigations of collision ranging from wrong-way drivers to emergency vehicles. And just to reiterate, these are points of danger that the driver would not be able to detect from such great distances with any previously designed technology.

So what makes Car-to-X communication able to alert drivers of obstacles they could not otherwise maintain the capacity to sense? Networking. Car-to-X communication connects various vehicles and traffic infrastructure, allowing for the transmission of information over non-traditionally long distances via radio waves. As a result, Car-to-X communication allows drivers to transcend any dimension of safety ever established before.

But Mercedes-Benz hasn’t stopped at first in safety with Car-to-X communication. The ability to potentially avoid collision like never before means the ability to potentially save time like never before. And, by informing drivers of traffic-light statuses beyond their typical realm of vision, Car-to-X communication guarantees drivers the opportunity to save time like never before. That light on Fifth Street red, but that light on Main Street green? Accident on Brevard Street but Church Street is clear? Bet you know which way you’re going home from work today—thanks for the time saved from traffic to watch that latest episode, Car-to-X communication.

Car-to-X communication gets you where you’re going. And, by applying first-in-class safety and efficiency, you can bet that it gets you there first.

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