What is the Mercedes me App?

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What is the Mercedes me App?

The Mercedes me App allows Mercedes-Benz drivers to be more connected with their vehicle than ever before. The Mercedes Me App offers everything from vehicle management, remote access, to meaningful assistance and support all in one place, so that your enhanced driving experience is nice and comfortable. The app will display the most relevant features right on the home screen of your app, so that everything you need is just one click away.

The Mercedes me App has some great features that allow the driver to always stay connected with their vehicle,

  • The remote start feature can start the engine of your Mercedes-Benz from anywhere, and if climate controls are on they will automatically heat or cool your car to the last setting, so you are quickly refreshed or warmed when you enter your vehicle. The app will even tell you if your car is not able to start for any reason. This feature also allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle, as well as activate your horn and lights all from a certain distance away.
  • Send2Benz gives you the ability to remotely send an address to your vehicle’s navigation system right from your smartphone.
  • There are also features that allow you to keep track of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, through the locate feature you can keep track of where your vehicle is at all times, there is also a driving journal, so that you know where your car has been previously.
  • The Valet Protect feature will send you a text if a valet is doing more than just parking your car.
  • Curfew Minder will let you know if someone is using your car, when they shouldn’t be.

This app offers some great assistance features too, so that you are never alone when you are driving your Mercedes-Benz:

  • You can easily find your preferred dealer near your current or upcoming location.
  • You can also contact Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance with a click of a button.
  • You can  schedule a service appointment right on the app.
  • If you need technical assistance, you can get immediate access to a product concierge at your preferred dealership, watch how-to videos, and access your vehicle manuals.
  • Mercedes me also has a feature that lets you view your vehicles financial snapshot, whether you leased or financed your Mercedes-Benz.
  • Lastly, the Mercedes me App invites you into the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle through events and partnership.

The new Mercedes me App has everything you need in one place, and takes the Mercedes-Benz ownership experience to the next level.

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Article written by Rylee Priole

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